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Curry County Honors Veterans!

Be sure to ask if a Veteran's discount is available where you shop or stay.

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To find out what benefits you may be eligible for, contact the Curry County Veterans’ Service Officer:
Anthony Voudy
County Veterans’ Service Officer
Phone: (541) 247-3205
Fax: (541) 247-2713
Curry County Veterans' Service Office
94235 Moore Street, Suite 112
Gold Beach, OR 97444

Make The Connection


Launched in 2011, connects Veterans, their family members and friends, and other supporters with mental health informationlocal resources, and Veterans’ own inspiring stories of recovery. Visitors can learn about the signs of mental health conditions or substance use problems and find sources of support. Vietnam Memorial Fund


Our Vision: A Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds

The era of the Vietnam War was a tumultuous period.

Almost 3 million United States Military personnel served in Vietnam over time.

58,318 died there.

710 Oregonians were among the Killed In Action.

Four Oregon families lost two sons in Vietnam.

There were military personnel Missing in Action.

There were Prisoners of War.

Most of the Vietnam Warriors who came back to the U.S. were never welcomed home. Many were spit upon, ridiculed and attacked for honoring the call of their nation.

For these reasons and many more, we wish to honor all who served during the Vietnam Era. Especially, those who served in Vietnam. In addition, we wish to memorialize those who gave their life, forfeiting their American Dream so that we can live ours.

It is appropriate that this memorial be placed on the grounds of the Oregon State Capitol. This will enable our state residents to understand the struggles of the Vietnam Veterans and perpetuate the history and the memory of the Vietnam War for generations to come.

This fund is a charitable organization with the expressed purpose to generate funds through cash and in-kind donations for the design and construction of a Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds that will provide educational opportunities for future generations.

We welcome you to find out more about us.
Wreaths Across America

Who We Remember:

From the Revolutionary War to present day conflicts, our veterans are devoted sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers. They come from all backgrounds in life to place those lives on the line for our freedoms. There are millions of individual stories to tell. Get to know them by viewing the 4,760 recent posts made by our supporters or sponsor a wreath in honor of or in memory of an American hero.


Hidden Heroes


Military caregivers don’t often ask for help, but they deserve our support. If you’re caring for an injured service member or veteran, or want to help those that do, join us today.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there are over 18.2 million veterans aged 65 and above, many of whom require long-term care. Unfortunately, navigating the intricacies of available benefits can be daunting, particularly for retired veterans in their elderly years.
To address this issue and assist senior veterans and their families, has created a comprehensive guide that explains various VA benefits, focusing on those applicable to seniors. This guide offers valuable insights into utilizing VA benefits to meet long-term care needs. It outlines eligibility requirements and provides a step-by-step application process to determine available options for financing their healthcare needs.