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Curry County
Boice-Cope Park
Near Langlois
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Separated from the Pacific Ocean by a narrow stretch of dunes Boice-Cope Park offers opportunities to many recreation enthusiast. With easy access to Floras Lake and the Pacific Ocean Boice-Cope Park is the perfect place for sailboarding, kiteboarding, fishing or for spotting migratory birds.
Lobster Creek Camp
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Perfect for large gatherings and events Lobster Creek Camp has everything to accommodate you. With 11 cabins, 13 RV spaces (with no electrical hookups), a first aide cabin, counselor cabin and restroom facilities Lobster Creek Camp has the ability to hold parties of 150+. Centrally located in the camp is a forestry education building that also features a kitchen, walk in cooler, fireplace and bunk bed sleeping quarters. A performing stage area is also available at the camp. Just off the campsite accessed by a short trail Lobster Creek is a great place to take a swim.

City of Port Orford
Battle Rock Park
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Battle Rock Park on the south edge of Port Orford is a historically significant site. The site of the battle between the indigenous Qua-to-Mah people and Captain William Tichenor’s men in 1851, Battle Rock now offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Climbing to the top of Battle Rock provides the opportunity to see the Grey Whales that sometimes frequent the cove. The Battle Rock Visitor Center is a great place for information about the park and the Port Orford area.
Buffington Memorial Park
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Located within Port Orford Buffington Memorial Park offers many amenities to its visitors. With ballfields, trails, a mini golf course, picnic tables, a butterfly garden, and a skate park, Buffington Memorial Park has something for everyone.
Port Orford Lifeboat Museum
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Within the Port Orford Heads State Park this museum and surrounding greenspace offer an opportunity to learn while taking in the beautiful views. Home to the U.S. Coast Guard Surfmen from 1934 through the 1960s the area now features a free museum where you can learn about the lives of the brave men who saved many ships in the Pacific Ocean. Picnic areas and several short hikes where the old life boat dock can be seen makes the Port Orford Lifeboat Museum a great place to stop for lunch.

City of Gold Beach
Buffington Park
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Gold Beach has three parks within it. The one with the most amenities is the Buffington Park. Home of the Kid Castle, The Georgia Fromm Baseball Field, amongst other things the park makes for a great place to spend an afternoon.
The Pocket Park
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With a small fountain and flowerbeds The Pocket Park right off Ellensburg Avenue is the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring Curry County’s many wonders.
South Beach Park
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With the Gold Beach Visitor Center located within the park the South Beach Park is the perfect place to get acquainted with Gold Beach and all the great things it has to offer. Providing beach access, and RV parking this is a great place to get information from the helpful staff before a long day of exploring. 

Port of Gold Beach
Huntley Park
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Just east of the City of Gold Beach, Huntley Park has all the features of a large campground. Seventy dry camp sites, showers, restrooms and a large day use area that gives access to a gravel bar along the scenic Rogue River, make for a long enjoyable stay at Huntley Park. Mountain biking and hiking trails for miles around can be accessed through Huntley Park.

City of Brookings
Azalea Park
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Azalea Park is the place to be in Brookings. With the Kidtown Playground, a disc golf course, ballfields, the Capella by the Sea and of course beautiful flower beds bursting with the colorful and fragrant azaleas. Azalea Park is the jewel of Brookings. Azalea Park hosts many events including the Slippery Banana Softball Tournament, the American Music Festival Concert Series, The Wild Rivers Music Festival and many more.
Bankus Fountain
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At the intersection of 5th and the Oregon Coast Highway in Brookings this small park features a fountain and green space.
Bud Cross Park
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Bud Cross Park offers many chances to play with several ballfields, a skate park, and a chance to cool off in the municipal pool, Bud Cross Park has many options. Home to the Brookings Harbor Little League team the baseball fields are constantly in use over the summer months, but can be used by the public when not occupied.
Chetco Point Park
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Chetco Point Park is a beautiful park that allows the scenic nature of the Southern Oregon Coast to speak for itself. A minimal amount of features have been added to the park, only picnic areas, a pathway out to the bluffs, and a bridge where necessary. This makes clear that the point of this park is to enjoy the beauty that is all around as you travel up the Oregon Coast.
Easy Manor Park
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Easy Manor Park offers the best spot to be if you’re a kid. With bathrooms, picnic tables and a recently renovated playground this is the perfect place to spend times with kids.
Stout Park
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Home of the Stout Mountain Railway, a miniature railway that is operated on special occasions by volunteers Stout Park is a unique space in Brookings. Stout Park is also home to the only dog park in the City of Brookings. Home of the Festival of Art that features local artists, Stout Park was donated by the Stout Family in 1966.

State Parks
Alfred A. Loeb State Park
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Full of Myrtlewood Trees and the northernmost patch of Redwood Trees in the US the Alfred A. Loeb State Park has natural wonders to be enjoyed by all. A fine place to go swimming, fishing or rafting the Chetco River runs along the southeastern edge of the park. The park has 48 campground site, 3 cabins that can be reserved, a day use area and restrooms available.
Arizona Beach State Recreation Site
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The Arizona Beach area is a perfect place to take a young angler. Arizona Beach is tailored for young anglers as the pond is stocked with rainbow trout and can only be fished by people 17 years and younger. Also featuring almost a mile of protected Pacific Ocean beach doesn’t hurt the parks appeal either.
Cape Blanco State Park
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Offering the opportunity to stand on the westernmost point of the mainland United States Cape Blanco State Park is a mix of historically significant spots and natural beauty. Home to the Hughes House, and the Cape Blanco Lighthouse the park has plenty of historical sites to visit. Don’t sleep on the natural beauty of the park, with plenty of areas to camp and ride horses Cape Blanco State Park offers a unique opportunity to take in the beauty and history of the area.
Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor
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Named for Saint Sebastian in 1603 by Spanish explorers, Cape Sebastian has been a destination for travelers for over 400 years. With views for miles up and down the rugged coast of Oregon Cape Sebastian is well worth the stop and hike. Cape Sebastian is also a good place to catch a sight of the migratory grey whales.
Crissey Field State Recreation Site
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The Crissey Field State Recreation Site is located just north of the California border with beach access and wetlands for exploration. Featuring a highly efficient visitor center, that is ran off solar panels, The Crissey Fields State Recreation Site offers travelers their first views of Oregon.
Floras Lake State Natural Area
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With access out to the remote Blacklock Point, Floras Lake State Natural Area is a true hidden gem of Curry County. Comprising of Floras Lake, the Pacific Ocean, sand dunes and forested areas makes for plenty of recreation options in the park. Hiking, biking, surfing, kiteboarding and equestrian areas are just the tip of the iceberg in this beautiful park just north of Cape Blanco State Park.
Geisel Monument State Heritage Site
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Home of the final resting place of the Geisel family. The family was victims of the Rogue River Indian Wars of the 1850s. This park offers a quiet, secluded picnic area.
Harris Beach State Park
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Named after Scottish pioneer George Harris, who settled in Curry County in the 1880s. Harris Beach State Park offers views of the largest island off the coast of Oregon, Bird Island. Bird Island, sometimes called Goat Island, is a National Wildlife Sanctuary and is home of rare birds such as the tufted puffin. Harris Beach State Park itself offers sandy beaches speckled with tidal pools and sea stacks. The park offers many camping options with 65 full hookup sites, 25 electric hookups with water, 59 tent sites and 6 yurts for lodging in.
Humbug Mountain State Park
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Humbug Mountain, with an elevation of 1,756 feet, rises from the Pacific Ocean as the dominant landform. Hiking to the top of the mountain is highly recommended as it offers views for miles along the coastline. But if being on the water is more desirable the area is frequently used for windsurfing and scuba diving. The camp offers 39 electrical hookups with water and 56 tent sits. Hot showers with running water is also available.
McVay Rock State Recreation Site
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Home of the only off leash dog park in the Brookings area, McVay Rock State Recreation Site is a great place to unwind. A popular spot for surf fishing, clamming and whale watching there is plenty of wide open space for everyone. Play a round of disc golf up on the lawn or simply relax at the picnic area. 
Otter Point State Recreation Site
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Carved by the wind and waves the Otter Point area features beautiful sandstone formations. Walking and hiking along the pristine beaches make Otter Point a must stop in Curry County.
Paradise Point State Recreation Site
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A great place to go beachcombing Paradise Point embodies its name perfectly. With views of the Cape Blanco Lighthouse and the off-shore reef Paradise Point is a true paradise in Oregon.
Pistol River State Park
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Sand dunes parallel the ocean as the Pistol River meets the Pacific Ocean. The park is on the site of a decisive battle fought in the Rogue River Indian War. The park is great for agate hunting, birding and windsurfing as it has been the site of several national windsurfing competitions.
Port Orford Heads State Park
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The park is home to the Port Orford Lifeboat Station as mentioned above. The state park surrounds the museum and offers many other hiking trails to view the beautiful coves and headlands.
Samuel Boardman State Scenic Corridor
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The twelve-mile coastal park with many scenic viewpoints such as Indian Sands, Arch Rock, and Natural Bridges runs just north of Brookings along Highway 101. With over 27 miles of Oregon Coast Trail to hike these are some of the Oregon coast’s most scenic trails. A true photographers paradise, Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor, offers a variety of features such as seaside prairies, breathtaking vistas, protected cove beaches, steep sea cliffs, and forested sea stacks.
Sisters Rock State Park
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Sisters Rock is directly off of Highway 101 just 13 miles north of Gold Beach. These three rocks offer a chance to walk down onto beaches that are often overlooked due to its location.
Tseriadun State Recreation Site
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Full of trout Garrison Lake in Tseriadun State Recreation Site, makes a great spot to test out your angling capabilities. Agate Beach is appropriately named as it is a great place to find sea glass along the Pacific Ocean.
Winchuck State Recreation Site
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An area of rehabilitation efforts by many conservation agencies in Oregon the area is beneficial for many aquatic species. With improvements to trails and a long beach for fishing the Winchuck Recreation Site is a great spot to spend an afternoon.

National Forest Service Parks
Rogue Siskiyou National Forest
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Taking up almost 2/3 of the entire area of Curry County the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest offers a multitude of landscapes. Hiking, camping, rafting, canoeing, and hunting are just a few of the activities that are possible in the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest.
Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area
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An incredible area, the Kalmiopsis Wilderness covers over 180,000+ acres. With over 4,500 feet in elevation change the Kalmiopsis can offer some challenging but rewarding hikes. Due to unique geological processes in the area the Wilderness Area is home to complex soil compositions, this leads to unique plant life in the area, some even dating back to the Ice Age.