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Only In Your State: Zola's is Curry County is No. 1 Pizza in Oregon!

June 14, 2015

~These 15 Pizza Places In Oregon Are So Good That Your Mouth May Explode

Posted on 14 June, 2015 | In Oregon

When it comes to pizza, everyone has their favorites. Some go for ambiance. Others want farm-to-table ingredients. Others have been going to the same pizzeria since they were kids and wouldn’t bother with anything else. We put together a list of spots that, we think, has a little something for everyone.

15) Abby’s Legendary Pizza, various locations
As far as chains go, Abby's is mighty good. This place has a solid following and reasonable prices. It's what you look for in a chain resto setting.

14) Apizza Scholls, Portland
Once you get over the rules for ordering from this spot, you will be pleased with the interesting options here like the Diablo Blanco and the Tartufo 2.

13) Baby Doll Pizza, Portland
If New Yorkers are singing their praises for the slices that come out of this joint, you know it's good.

12) DeNicola’s Restaurant, Portland
With an old-school feel, this no-fuss spot does some classic pizzas and other Italian dishes.

11) Jersey Boys Pizzeria, Redmond
This place has a fun take on the classic Wise Guy joint. It's one of the most popular Central Oregon pizzerias, with quality pies and the occasional live music.

10) Kaleidoscope Pizzeria and Pub, Medford
This pizzeria is always crowded and for good reason. Local ingredients, local brews, and solid salad options makes this one of the most popular places in Oregon.

9) Ken’s Artisan Pizza, Portland
Thin, perfectly-crispy crusts complement the seasonal toppings at this small, but impressive place.

8) Mezza Luna Pizzeria, Eugene
This popular shop serves up New York-style slices and local beers - a perfect combo in our book.

7) Lovely’s Fifty Fifty, Portland
Speaking of combos, this Portland place does two things, and two things really well - pizza and ice cream.

6) Oven and Shaker, Portland
This casual, Peal District spot is known for its inventive, wood-fired pizzas and cocktails.

5) Pizza Mondo, Bend
This spot is popular among locals for its slices with interesting topping combinations.

4) Pizza Research Institute, Eugene
Generally if the word vegan is thrown into the mix, especially when you're talking about pizza, things get iffy. Not the case here, they load on generous portions of veggie toppings, making for a truly unique pie.

3) Stark Street Pizza Company, Portland
This amazing pizza recreates the home cooked feel and the traditional flavors of "back in the day".

2) Flying Pie Pizzeria, Portland
This popular stop specializes in homemade, hand-rolled dough made fresh everyday.

1) Zola’s Pizzeria, Brookings
A Southern Oregon favorite on the coast, a must-do when you go here is draw. Customers' pictures cover the walls and ceiling.

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