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Tourism And Promotion Committee

Tourism and Promotion Committee

Chair: Erin Johnson 
Vice Chair: Julie Brown
Nic McNair
Dianne Schofield
Terri Domanick
Leslie Wilkinson

North County Open Seat 
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FUNCTION: In the first year the Committee will prepare and present to the Board for its approval, a written report with findings on its needs assessment for Tourism Related Facilities; county-wide/regional strategies for tourism promotion; and its proposed budget for administration and overhead for the Committee.

FOUNDATION: Ordinances 19-0119-02 and 19-13

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Members shall be composed of individuals who represent a tourism-based business or a promotions based business, the at-large member shall be a community representative. The Committee shall not be comprised of more than three individuals from a similar business industry.

POSITIONS:  2 north; 2 central; 2 south; and 1 at large
TERM: 4 year, staggered 

INFORMATION CONTACT: Economic Development- Tourism 541-247-3222

Agenda: 11/06/2019  ||   12/04/2019   || 1/08/2020  ||  2/05/2020  || 3/05/2020 || 8/05/2020 

||  8/27/2020

Minutes: 11/06/2019  || 12/04/2019  || 1/08/2020  ||  2/05/2020  || 3/05/2020  || 08/05/2020  

|| 8/27/2020

NEXT MEETING:  September 23, 2020 4:00PM-6:00PM
                              Blue Room County Annex