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Be part of something different. The Curry Coast is the westernmost point of the mainland United States—we are literally ‘Living on the Edge’! Take a risk and join us. Whether your office is in Seattle or the Silicon Valley, you’ll find the Curry Coast the ideal place to work remotely from home. With a continuous fiber optic loop, and a view to write poetry about, we are the place to grow your business and your lifestyle. Live on the edge; life is too short to be complacent.

Bragging rights:

  • Oregon ranks 2nd in the nation for having a digital economy--hence why we brag about our fiber optic! (See our Infrastructure page)
  • Curry County, along with the community of Smith River, immediately south of the state line) are known for their Easter Lilies. We are the 'Easter Lily Capital of the World'!
  • Curry, along with Coos County, to the north in Oregon, produce 99% of Oregon's cranberries.
  • The Elk River, in the northern part of the county, has the best salmon habitat, for a river of its size, in the lower 48 states (per U.S. Fish & Wildlife).

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