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Area Infrastructure


In 2013 Curry County worked with Charter to develop a redundant fiber optic network loop that can easily and economically provide Giga-Bit bandwidth capabilities for businesses to locate their facilities in near-proximity to U.S. Highway 101 anywhere from the northern California border north to the south border of Coos County, Oregon. A one Giga-Bit fiber connection is sufficient to service more than 4,000 employees in a sophisticated call center. Multiple Giga-Bit fiber feeds from this network can support corporate data centers like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

The Curry Coast is also the ideal place for professionals seeking to live on the coast but work remotely from their corporate offices located elsewhere. Nearby airports and direct access to state and federal highways make for the easy occasional commute required to the corporate office.

Charter offers incentives for remote workers and businesses to utilize their network. They offer a $3000 construction abatement for a residence; $5000 if it is used for business. They also offer business incentives up to $20,000. (There are other network providers, but they are not part of the fiber optic loop.)

For more information about how Charter can help you locate or expand your business in Curry County, contact the Charter Major Accounts Executive, phone (530) 215-4930.


Curry County relies on electricity for most of its energy. The rates are very reasonable, and costs significantly lower than inland Oregon due to the warmer winters and cooler summer climate (negating the need to run an air conditioner). Depending where a business is located, they would receive their power from either Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, Inc. or Pacific Power.

Ground Transportation

U.S. Highway 101 runs north-south through Curry County, paralleling the Pacific Ocean. It is heavily used to transport timber and goods to the coastal cities, while offering easy access to communities, and providing the best coastal views in Oregon. Several west-east state highways connect U.S. 101 to the east to U.S. Interstate 5 (I-5). U.S. 101 also connects to U.S. 199 in California. There are no tolls.


Rail service comes from the north, but does not run into Curry County at this time. It runs into the City of Coos Bay, about 30 minutes from Curry County, and then goods are transported by truck via U.S. 101, which is adjacent to the railroad.

Air Transportation

There are two small airports in Curry County; one in Gold Beach and one in Brookings. There is also an old military base at the north end of the county (‘Cape Blanco’) used by hobbyists. Remote workers and other business people seeking a commercial airline utilize the nearby airport to the south in Crescent City, California, or, the airport north of Curry County in North Bend, Oregon. There is also an airport to the east in Medford, Oregon, but it is approximately a 2.5 hour drive. Another option is the airport to the northeast in Eugene, which is about a 3.5 hour commute.


There are three ports in Curry County. The port at the south end of the county, the Port of Brookings-Harbor, is used for both recreation and commercial fishing. The center port, in Gold Beach, is used primarily for recreation. The northernmost port, the Port of Port Orford, is heavily used for commercial fishing, and is the only dolly dock on the west coast (vessels are lifted in and out of the water by crane). The ports are critical to the county’s successful fishing industry which yields not just fish, but crab and other coastal delicacies. The county also has more scenic and wild rivers than any other county in Oregon, lending to recreational opportunities like fishing, canoeing and kayaking.


Curry County is served by the Curry County Sheriff’s Department, three municipal police departments, and port security. Curry County is a safe place to live and work. According to the State of Oregon Report on Criminal Offenses and Arrests 2012 , in a five year period from 2008 to 2012, index crimes (willful murder, forcible rape, burglary, etc.) decreased and behavioral crimes (possession, trespass, littering, etc.) decreased. Crimes against persons is less than 200 (183 in 2012) and the county ranks below the state average for such crimes (18 out of 36 counties); property crimes are far below the state average (rank 26 out of 36). Drug offenses are almost half of what they were the previous year (300 in 2011; 183 in 2012) and driving under the influence is down (163 in 2011; 127 in 2012). There were no reported hate crimes or homicides.


The county is served by three school districts, a community college, and a university extension office. The community college is the Southwestern Oregon Community College, and it is located in Brookings; the main campus is just north of the county in North Bend. There is another community college just south of the county in Crescent City, California. In addition, local businesses help train and mentor youth for trades in welding, robotics, and technology.

The county is a member of the Southwestern Oregon Workforce Investment Board, which assists the county and their businesses in workforce needs. A local workforce office is located in Brookings, at the south end of Curry County.


A recent study by SmartAsset™ calculated the amount of money a specific person would pay in income, sales, property and fuel taxes in each county in Oregon, and ranked them lowest to highest in terms of tax burden. Curry County ranked number 1 in Oregon.

There is no sales tax in Curry County. The general property rate is .5996/$1000. For a detailed list of tax rates in the county the tax roll summary or the County Assessor’s Office can help. For more information about Business taxes, or other taxes, visit


Paradise. Curry County is known as the ‘Banana Belt’ because winters are milder than other Oregon areas. In winter the only snow found is high in the mountains, and although there is rain, it tends to be restricted to the winter months with just occasional showers the remainder of the year. Normal annual precipitation is 65 to 90 inches.

Summer months are cooler than inland areas and attract Oregonians from around the state in search of temperatures below 90 degrees—the Curry Coast is around 75 degrees during the summer months. The mild temperatures are a plus for businesses that need cooling facilities/are concerned about air conditioning costs.

Curry County is also a number one grow zone offering flowers and vegetables throughout the year. We are the Easter Lily capital for a reason!

Business Opportunities

The CCD Business Development Corporation, (CCD) and the South Coast Development Council, Inc. (SCDC) are excellent resources for businesses and industries in Curry County. CCD assists with financial consulting and U.S. Small Business Administration business loans for start ups and land, building and equipment acquisitions. SCDC provides technical assistance for expansion of existing growing of new businesses and industries and works closely with the Curry County Community Development Director on a variety of economic development projects. More information is available on our Resources page.

The city of Brookings, and neighboring community of Harbor, have a Chamber of Commerce, as does the City of Port Orford.